The Tapeworm Diet


The Tapeworm Diet

Do Not Try This At Home!!!

Unlike most other fad diets, which are just ridiculous, the tapeworm diet is not only disgusting but it can also kill you.

However, the tapeworm diet is not new.  In fact, the tapeworm is the modern era’s first diet aid. The tapeworm diet got its start in the Victorian era when wealthy fashionistas began to look for ways to string those corsets tighter and tighter. Later, this weight loss method really picked up steam in the 1920’s when Flappers started to look for ways to get rid of those pesky, feminine curves.

The good news is that the tapeworm diet is illegal in the United States and many other developed countries. This is because a tapeworm infestation can result in the formation of cysts in the liver, eyes, brain, and spinal cord with potentially lethal consequences. In fact, in the United States the FDA has gone as far as banning all gimmicky weight loss products claiming to contain tapeworms. EX: Tapeworm Diet Pills

How To Start The Tapeworm Diet

Mexico is the only country currently offering the Tapeworm Diet as a weight loss treatment. The approximate cost of the treatment is $1500 plus travel expenses. At these weight loss centers patients are fed beef tapeworm cysts.

These weight loss centers claim that they microscopically check the cysts to make sure that they are beef tapeworms and not pig tapeworms, which are extremely dangerous. However, I highly doubt that the staff at these centers are medically qualified enough to make that distinction. These centers also monitor the growth of the tapeworm and use a powerful antibiotic to flush the worm out of your system once it reaches a maximum size.

The following video demonstrates just what this “guest” looks like in your intestines: Warning!!! The Following Video is Gross…Do Not look if you are squeamish, or if you just ate.

How Does The Tapeworm Diet Work?

So, how exactly does this diet work? Well, once a tapeworm has positioned itself securely in your gut it begins to secrete certain proteins inside your intestinal tract that cause you to digest food much less efficiently.

A crippled digestive system, coupled with a “guest” that also feasts on your consumed calories means that you can consume more calories than usual and still loose weight. Doctors estimate that an infested individual can loose up to two pounds a week with the aid of this parasite. The ironic fact is that most healthy individuals can also lose two pounds or more a week by following a healthy diet and exercising.

Believe it or not, there are individuals out there who claim to be “experts” on the Tapeworm Diet. This is a video of one of these so-called experts explaining the Tapeworm Diet. 

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