The Ideal Post Workout Recovery Drink


My Favorite Recovery Drink

This recovery drink is a refreshing blend of a variety of fruit and vegetable juices that never fail to re-energize me after a hard workout.

Plus, it takes less than 5-minutes to prepare and blend. But, best of all, it doesn’t cost me a fortune.

You see, my gym has a wonderful juice bar and the girls who work there are more than happy to put together a variety of fresh fruit and vegetable juices for a price: A medium fruit/vegetable juice costs $6 and a large fruit and vegetable juice costs $8. Plus, they charge $.50 extra for juices that contain more than 3 fruit or vegetables. So, at the gym this recovery drink will cost me over $7. But, at home I can make it for less than $2.

What Will A Recovery Drink Do For Me?

Having a properly formulated recovery drink, right after your workout, is a great way to rehydrate yourself as well as replenish all the vital nutrients that are lost through sweat.

You will notice that this recovery drink doesn’t contain protein. That’s because I prefer to have my protein shake before my workout since protein shakes, on average, are higher in calories than fruit/vegetable juices, and take longer to digest. On the other hand, I prefer to have this fruit/vegetable juice as my post workout recovery drink for the following reasons:

  • Liquid nutrition is absorbed fast
  • Fruit juices are a great way to stabilize your blood sugar levels after a hard workout
  • Fresh fruit juices are a great way to replenish the nutrients, vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants you lose through sweat
  • Drinking coconut water is one of the best ways to rehydrate your body and flush out the toxins that cause muscle soreness
  • Ginger has been scientifically proven to help minimize inflammation and thus relieve muscle soreness pain

Study: Ginger Eases Muscle Soreness Pain

Recovery Drink Ingredients

  • 2 inch fresh ginger, peeled (to help ease muscle inflammation)
  • 1 bunch sugar snap peas (for added fiber)
  • 1 medium granny smith apple (skin health benefits of apples)
  • 1 thin slice honeydew melon (to stabilize your blood sugar levels)
  • 1 kiwi (for added fiber)
  • 1/2 dragon fruit (optional)
  • 3/4 cup coconut water (for added hydration)

Recovery Drink Recipe

  • Place all ingredients in a blender, blend and Enjoy!

post workout recovery drink

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Paulin Soleyman
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Paulin Soleyman

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