58 Good Reasons To Quit Smoking


Despite the wide media attention given to the many recent anti-smoking legislation, enacted in both the United States and Europe, smoking cigarettes is still a global health problem.

  • An estimated 1.3 billion people smoke
  • Tobacco is the fourth most common risk factor for disease worldwide
  • Tobacco is the second major cause of death in the world
  • It is currently responsible for the death of 1 in 10 adults
  • It is the leading preventable causes of all deaths
  • It kills Tobacco up to half of its regular users
  • In 2005, tobacco caused 5.4 million deaths (1 every 6 seconds)
  • If current smoking patterns continue, it will cause some 8 million deaths each year by 2030
  • Tobacco caused 100 million deaths in the 20th century
  • At current trends up to one billion will die in the 21st century
  • 84% of all smokers live in developing and transitional economy countries
  • Most people start smoking before the age of 18; almost a quarter of these individuals begin using tobacco before the age of 10
  • 47.5% of all men smoke compared to 10.3% of women (source)
INFOGRAPHIC: The Size of the World's Smoking Habit

INFOGRAPHIC: The Size of the World’s Smoking Habit via Cool Daily Infographics

If you quit smoking today you will no longer be:

1. Wasting money on killing yourself
2. Smelling like an ashtray
3. Destroying your taste buds
4. Wondering if your friends will get sick from riding in your “smoker’s” car
5. Living in a stinky home
6. Whizzing when you breathe
7. Suffering from poor circulation
8. Having low energy
9. Sporting nasty yellow teeth
10. Accomplishing what 3.5% of smokers do a year: quit for a year (Surgeon General’s Report, 1990)
11. Wearing excess amounts of makeup to cover your grayish dull complexion caused by smoking
12. Preventing premature aging without surgery or fancy creams
13. Preventing scaly skin caused by smoking
14. Having to look for a cigarette
15. Having to ask for a light
16. Wasting time planning your smoke breaks
17. Experiencing panic-attacks when you’re not able to find a cigarette
18. Freezing outside in bad weather during your smoking breaks
19. Suffering from impotence
20. Not being able to a flight climb stairs without losing your breathe
21. Having people look down on you for being a ‘smoker’
22. Turned down for life insurance
23. Going through long periods of unemployment because some employers do not hire smokers
24. Unable to find an apartment because no one wants to rent to smokers
25. Not be able to concentrate
26. Feeling the negative drain of being addicted to something
27. Not being able to date a non-smoker because most non-smokers hate kissing smokers
28. Worrying about becoming pregnant, having to quit at that time or risking harming your baby
29. Exposing your children to second hand smoke
30. Knowing your kids will also likely smoke: 75% of smokers’ kids also become smokers
31. Running to the convenience store in the middle of the night to get cigarettes
32. Waking-up in the middle of the night just to have a smoke
33. Craving a cigarette and being irritated if you don’t get one
34. Having to sit in smoke filled rooms with other smokers inhaling each others second hand smoke
35. Aging your skin at a rapid pace because of high carbon monoxide levels in your blood
36. Having your hair smell like an ash tray
37. Having your clothes smell like you rolled around in an ash tray
38. Having aching joints and muscles due to poor smokers’ circulation
39. Having that annoy smoker’s cough
40. Having a weak immune system due to smoking and hence getting the “sniffles” all the time
41. Worrying about burning down your home
42. Worrying about burning down some one else’s property or home
43. Encouraging your children to play with fire
44. Having lots of extra money to go on “date night” with your friends and loved ones
45. Having money and time to start a new hobby
46. Time to start exercising and extra money to afford a gym membership and a personal trainer
47. Not having to worry about infertility caused by smoking
48. Not having nicotine-infused breast milk
49. Having your family members be proud of you for quitting
50. Having to worry about going for a long time without a smoke like in a movie or on a plane
51. Not having your first thought of the day be about “smoking”
52. No longer literally not being able to smell the roses due to smoking dulling your sense of smell
53. No longer fearing losing creditability as a professional or expert because of your habit
54. Reducing your chances of developing a wide variety of cancers
55. Being able to proving all those people wrong who said “you’ll never quit”
56. Never having to clean an ash tray again
56. Never having to cleaning up spilled tobacco in your purse or desk again
57. Having to hiding the fact you still haven’t quit smoking from your friends and family
58. Best of all: Never having your mother nag you again about your smoking habit

The Following Tips Will Help You Quit Smoking
Stop smoking tips

Stop smoking tips by Nicorette UK

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