Pinterest Roundup-Workout Routines (Part I)


I love Pinterest and spend a great deal of time pinning exercise routines to my Workout Routines board. In fact I love Pinterest so much that when I was first allowed to join, I was out of control. During those first days I would spend hours upon hours surfing various boards, looking for deliciously healthy recipes, workout routines, and fitness motivation all over the Internet.

Of course, after about a month of this insanity I realized I was spending more time pinning these items than I was spending cooking healthy recipes for my family, working out and generally feeling inspired to live a healthy lifestyle. So, to fight the fact that my Pinterest obsession was taking over my life I designated Sunday night as my “Pinterest Day”. Thus, Sunday night became my time to surf Pinterest and collect all the healthy recipes, workout routines and fitness motivation I need to start my week on a positive note.

The following exercise routines are just a few samples of the workout routines I was able to find on Pinterest this weekend. If you enjoy these routines don’t forget to follow me on Pinterest!

Neck StretchesStretches For Sore Necks & Shoulders (source)

These stretches are amazingly effective at relieving tightness and tension in the neck and shoulder area caused by stress and bad pasture at work. I find myself doing these stretches three times a day: in the morning, during my lunch break and right after I get home from work.

Morning Yoga Routine (source)

This is a great Yoga routine that you can do in bed, right when you wake up :)

Cardio Workout Routine For Absolute Beginners (source)

This is a cardio home workout routine that anyone can do. If you’re overweight and/or out of shape this is the perfect workout routine for you as it incorporates a little bit of all sorts of movements. If you’re in good shape you can do this workout routine a couple times a day.

Lower Body Workout: Tone Your Belly, Butt, & Thighs (source)

This is the perfect lower body workout for those of you who, like me, obsess about toning your legs, butts and thighs. Best of all, you don’t need any workout gear for this workout and you can do this workout a few times a day right in front of your TV.

Stretches to Help You Sleep Better (source)

These stretches are designed to help you unwind, relax and fall asleep fast!


Paulin Soleyman
Paulin Soleyman is the founder and editor of The Underground Bootcamp. Her goal is to help everyday people live healthier, happier, more fulfilling lives by sharing all that she knows about healthy living, nutrition, and fitness.
Paulin Soleyman


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